How to String a Lacrosse Head in 6 Easy Steps: Pro Guide to Stringing the Perfect Mid Pocket on the Beta Head

In this blog post, you will learn how to string a lacrosse head with a mid-pocket configuration. Mid pockets are the most versatile pocket in the game. Whip can be easily adjusted with shooting strings or change in channel. Watch this video and follow the steps to make the perfect mid pocket and learn how to string a lacrosse head perfectly.

Mid pockets offer some benefits of high pockets like more hold than some of low pockets like more bag for one handed cradling. Mid pockets are great for any position or playing style.

Words To Live By:

Head The plastic frame with holes where strings will lace to.

MeshThe material that when it is properly laced up, will create a “pocket” and hold the ball.

Pocketthe part of the mesh that sags and will allow you to hold the ball without it slipping out.

SidewallThe sides of the head where the lace holes are, where you will be lacing your side side strings, shooting strings, and shooting nylon through.

ScoopThe very top of the head that is slightly flattened out so you can scoop balls of the ground easily (also referred to as the top of the head).

Shooter String/NylonThese consist of two shoelace-like strings and a thinner nylon string that control how the ball will “whip” or how it will come out of the head when passing or shooting.

WhipSlang for how the ball exits the head when it is thrown.

How to string a lacrosse head with a mid pocket in 6 easy steps :


Step 1: Preparing Your Materials

Stretch your Mesh!!!

Make sure when you get your mesh, you are stretching it out in every direction from the middle. The top should be slightly for fanned out than the rest of the mesh. Fold the top row of the mesh over so that you have a nice clean row of holes to work with. Next you are going to want to get all of your strings organized and ready to lace up in their respective places (top, side, bottom).


Pick one end of the string and tie a double knot into it to ensure it will hold firmly when you are lacing up the rest of the string. On the other side of the string, use a lighter to lightly burn the fringe off and harden the tip. Without burning yourself, use your fingers and press down on the tip while it is still hot to create a nice, pointy tip.

Once you have all your materials ready, It is time to start with the lacing up your “Top String”.


Step 2: Top String

It is important to start with your top string first. It will hold the mesh in place and make it easy to tighten up everything else. Also make sure that the face of your head is pointing down, so that it is “holes side up.”

Take the burnt tip of the top string and go through the second hole on the left side of your head. Come up through the bottom of the mesh and through the hole once again the same way and pull it all the way through till the knot is snug against the head.

Then lace the string through the first hole at the top of the head and through the bottom of the next nine diamond hole in the mesh and pull it tight. Thread the string through the mesh the other way (through the top) and then through the hole in the head once again to go through the loop you just made with the string. Pull tight.

Lightly stretch mesh and skip a hole on the top of the head and line it up with the 4th diamond.

Come through the top of the hole in the head and through the bottom of the mesh once again. Pull tight and repeat the steps you did on the first hole.

Keep skipping a hole and make sure you are keeping it nice and snug. Your 5th diamond should be right in the middle of your head.


To finish the top, go through the piece of the mesh and through the second side wall hole, back through the last diamond, through the hole again and pull it tight. Make a double knot just like the first know on the other side of the string.

Step 3: Sidewall String

Take the burnt side of the side string and poke it through the third hole on the side of the head (right under where the top string is) and pull it through the first hole in the ten diamond row and back through the 3rd hole on the side of the head.


Skip a hole and feed the string through the whole, through the bottom of the mesh leaving slack so you can feed the string through the loop you just made. Skip a hole on the head and repeat (without skipping any holes in the mesh).

After the fourth interlock, feed the string through next two holes in the mesh and then skip a side wall hole in the head, and feed it through. Pull mesh tightly together to ensure a deep pocket.


After you have made the “two” hole, keep skipping holes in the head and pull it through just like you did before until you have used the last hole on the sidewall of the head.

Step 4: Bottom String


Just like the rest of the strings, take the burnt end and feed it though the second hole on the bottom of the head and then through the first hole, without going through the mesh.


Find the next nine diamond row and go up through the bottom of the first diamond on the row. Then skip three diamonds and feed the string down through the top of that diamond. Pull tight and then come through the third hole at the bottom of the head from the outside going in. Pull all the way through and go through the second hole in the head (where the knot is).

Now, come up through the bottom of the fifth diamond again, skip the rest of the diamonds on that row and thread the string through the last diamond on that row and then through the next hole (4th hole) in the head, and once again through the third hole in the head. Last, tie a knot tight to finish it off.

Step 5: Shoestring and Shooting Nylon


Take your shooting string (without burning or tieing a knot into it) and feed it through the gap between the side of the head and the side string, where the second open hole is on the side of the head.

Feed the string down through the next hole in the mesh, and up through the one after it. Take the other side of the string and weave through the mesh around the other side of the string.


Repeat until you reach other other side of the head. Feed one side of the shooter string through the hole and use the other side of the string to make a double knot that is snug against the head.

Repeat these steps for your second shooter string, start at the first open hole in head (above the shooter string you just completed).

Repeat again with the shooting nylon on the first nine diamond row at the top of the mesh.

Step 6: Finishing

Now it’s time to finish the job and make sure it looks beautiful.


Cut the remaining string left after each knot, keeping an inch to an inch-and-a-half to allow you to tighten the strings in the future if needed.

Take your lighter and burn all the ends of the string to ensure they don’t fray or break apart.


You should see a nice deep pocket and a channel leading from the top of the head into the pocket.


Now that you are finished stringing your Alpha Lacrosse Beta head, it is time to take it for a spin!

Let us know how you like it and contact us with any questions you may have!


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