End Of Summer Wrap Up: National Demo Tour Highlights

Picture of Alpha Lacrosse Fans at National Demo tour

This past summer, with the help of The National Demo Tour, we decided to change the landscape of how we market our products to you, our Alpha Lacrosse family.

Maybe you saw us out at the 75 events we attended this summer. If you did, we hope you heard our message:

“Alpha is here to shake up the industry, in only the best ways.”

In case you couldn’t attend, here are the main takeaways from the events:

We worked diligently through our education program in association with The National Demo Tour working with students athletes across the country. Each of our summer interns got paid for their work, plus they earned classroom credits for each of their hours.

All of our sales are helping to fund our grant program, also through the National Demo Tour. A portion of every sale has gone directly into a grant program that anyone can apply for.

Know of a program in need? Is it your program? Then go ahead and apply today on the National Demo Tour’s website, sponsored by all of us here at Alpha!

Picture of Alpha Lacrosse Fans at National Demo tour
Alpha Lacrosse event family
alpha lacrosse kids

We opened up our Design Lab to anyone that has thoughts on how to make not only our products better but the industry as a whole better.

When you purchase one of our products in the design lab, you’ll receive an invite to tell us how we can make ourselves the best brand for lacrosse gear. You’ll get exclusive discounts, plus access to all of our digital surprises to come!

We appreciate you and all of the support you have given us. Seeing so many Alpha’s out and about means we are hitting some of the right notes.

Your faith in us drives the innovation of better lacrosse products for you. To show our appreciation, here’s another gift:

15% off anything on our online store!

Code: summer17end

The summer may be over, but our mission is not. Tune in this fall/winter for updates on all the changes we are rolling out. And don’t forget to check out the brand new Beta, coming September across the country.”

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